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Multi-Generational Farmers Experienced in Farm Management, Land Acquisitions and a Variety of Farm and Land Investment Strategies

About Us

Farm and Land Company has over 50 years experience in production agriculture. We currently manage over 3500 acres and provide custom farming services on a wide variety of crops, covering over 20,000 acres.

Farm and Land Company is a full service “development to harvest” management company that can do all, part, or as-needed services to growers, land owners and asset managers, across California.

The Farm and Land team consists of talented, fourth generation farmers experienced in farm management, land acquisitions and a variety of farm and land investment strategies.

In 2012, The Farm and Land Company was recognized for achieving over 900% growth, and was listed on the “INC. Magazine” 5000 list of fastest growing companies at number 701. It was the only agricultural company on the list.



We will rent your farmland for a short or long term lease on a cash bases or a crop sharing bases.  This is a great way to hold on to your asset but not have the responsibility of making day to day farming decisions.


This is for the farmer or land owner that still wants to farm their ground but wants to outsourse the the tractor work.  We have a variety of spraying, cultivation, planting and harvesting equipment to assist any size farm.


Investors can buy a farm solely or be pooled with other investors. We identify the ground to purchase. Find the best cropping pattern to maximize ROI and manage the asset. Investing in agriculture is a great long term investment .

Custom Farming Services

  • Agriculture Pest Control

  • Orchard & Vineyard Development

  • Orchard, Vineyard & Row Ripping

  • Disking

  • Fertilizer Applications

  • Soil Amendment applications

  • Laser Scraping

  • Almond and Walnut Harvesting

  • General Labor

  • Scouting

  • Irrigation Monitoring

  • GPS Marking Services

CE0 - Brandon Silveira

Brandon graduated from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with an agricultural degree. After graduating, Brandon started his career in the agricultural industry, and has experience managing and farming a large variety of crops.

Brandon has bought and sold millions in real estate and currently manages over $100 million in assets. Farm and Land Company was recognized in 2012 for achieving over 900% growth, and was listed on the “INC. Magazine” list of fastest growing companies at number 701. It was the only agricultural company on the list.

Brandon’s specialty is in farm management, land acquisition and a variety of farm and land financing and strategies.

Farming investments for everyone

Have you thought about investing in farmland but don’t know anything about farming? Farmland and agricultural investments are expected to stay strong for next half a century. Farmland returns have also been positively affected by inflation.  With talks of inflation in the future farmland is great for capitol preservation and hedging your investments.  Now is the best time to invest in farmland if you are looking for a long-term investment and are patient enough to ride out short-term market fluctuations.  

Let's talk about your long term investment goals!

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